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Lisa Bishop
Verified buyer
Excellent! Has made me feel the most comfortable in my body that I have felt since I was a child. Really sorts my posture out after a long session gardening or on the computer. One could think it's kind of expensive just for a bit of foam until you realize how much it actually helps your back, like nothing else I've experienced, then it is absolutely worth every penny. Everyone should get one!!
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Claudia M.
Verified buyer
After many years I started with yoga again, a few weeks ago in Mexico and there the first time I worked with the BackMitra. I love it!!! The service was perfect, thanks a lot!
Bianca Franettovich
I picked up my backmitra Friday 30/11/2018 and love it... I really appreciate your words and the cute little hummus recipe. I have already got so much out of it on the weekend and I feel it will be such a good investment, I have an office job and using this when I go home brings me a lot of relief and a great release. Also having Alex there to teach and guide me with other uses on top of the brochure and online material is so very helpful.
My mom has a rounded upper back
Jenn Sturiale
I just introduced my parents (mid-70s) to the BackMitra and they’re so impressed they’re going to order one. My mom has a rounded upper back and so we needed to use a pillow for her comfort. I didn’t realize you’d developed an actual BackMitra Pillow – it’s perfect! A regular pillow was too wobbly, and this looks like it will be exactly what’s needed to give her proper relaxation and extension. Thanks for all you do, and all you’ve done, to make the world a better place.
Loes Meijer - een echte BackMitra fan!
Loes Meijer
Ik kan niet leven zonder de BackMitra. Als ik pijn in mijn rug heb, dan helpt de BackMitra om mijn pijn te verhelpen en omdat ik mijn houding wil veranderen, lig ik er om de dag en soms elke dag wel op! Ik heb een kromme bovenrug, die wil ik graag weer rechter! Dat is mijn motivatie! Bovendien, ik ben 66 jaar, heb ik de oefeningen op de BackMitra nodig, zodat ik zonder pijn mijn werk kan doen: ik maak schoon en ik werk op een moestuin. Dus ik ben er heel erg blij mee. Door erop te liggen, wordt mijn nek, schouders en rug lekker (weer) los. Ik vind het superprettig dat het eenvoudig is, ik rust er ook op uit....!!!! Ik wil een groepje starten, om mijn ervaringen te delen. Vandaar dat ik deze cursus ga doen! Ik verheug me!
Christina Malarska
The BackMitra is the best friend of my spine and all my friends and students absolutely love it! For me personally it was incredible discovery. Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 10 years before, the quality of my everyday life is pretty hard sometimes. When my shoulder joints are inflamed, the only relief I can get immediately is to rest my back on the BackMitra. Also practicing daily on it helps me to prevent the range of motion loss which happens usually for people with RA. I teach BackMitra for 4 years in regular Yoga classes, BackMitra classes, workshops and private therapeutic sessions. The feedback from the students is very impressive every time. They enjoy great improvement in their posture, relieving pain and tension in the upper back, reducing chronic pain in shoulders and neck area, healthier lower back and hips and much more. Working with professional athletes had also a great results in post-training rehab part. My husband is a professional goal keeper and the BackMitra has helped him a lot to release the tension from the body before and after training or game, and also to gain greater shoulder & spine mobility which is super important for goal keepers. Every time I see the serene face of a student or friend lying on the BackMitra and feeling the unique effect of that tool... I am happy for being able to share the magic! Thanks to the BackMitra team and creators! Thank you Guy Hamaekers! See you in Athens!
an important tool in mobilizing my shoulder
Alexandra Vigh
An absolutely must have for all people concerned about a healthy spine! Whether you are an office-worker struggling with back pain or a professional athlete looking for relaxation of back muscles. It has helped me a great deal and served as an important tool in mobilizing my shoulder, releasing the constant trapezius muscle contraction and relieving me from back pain.
Mijn vrouw ziet mijn schouders rechter worden
Leo Rijpkema
Bevalt uitstekend! Gebruik het dagelijks bij oefening. Mijn vrouw ziet mijn schouders rechter worden 🙂
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